I'm a freelance graphic artist with over 30 years of commercial design experience, I've worked as a graphic designer, an illustrator, and web designer as well as a production print artist. My experience started after leaving School of Visual Arts, NYC and taking on a freelance design project to create two labels for a cheese company. Little did I know it then but that project was the beginning of a fruitful design career.

From there I moved to San Francisco in the mid 1990's during the dot com boom, where I began illustrating menu covers for Italian restaurants in North Beach as well as other local stores. Then came Jamba Juice which I have always felt, in a strange way changed the course of my career. It created a huge vibe in San Francisco and I found an industry where I felt my art could shine. Because of the hidden context of the industry, and the vibrant sub-culture of the people, it gave me ample freedom to be overly creative. I could use my bright colors and create within my pieces lots of movement, elements which are now part of my style.

Fate somehow put me in touch with a juice bar consultant shortly after. He had owned a popular juice bar and now sold his drink recipes to new franchise owners. Lucky for me he needed a designer to manage all the store designs as well as create the different brands for each new store. I was quickly hired and soon I was creating new designs for the stores and managing all the projects. Besides the logos, store posters and the menus, I also created the illustrations for the T-shirts, cups and baseball hats. I was designing it all, and I was growing so quickly.

When I did it for myself is when I would say I learned the most. That's when I put my knowledge to the test by starting my own dog walking business. It was much different writing policy and being the owner while also designing the entire business alone. Luckily for me though cost-wise, I was able to do it all myself. I did learn some new things during the process, many actually. I was thrilled to learn new techniques on how to maximize my marketing presence and be more in charge of my success. I almost couldn't believe how simple it was and how shocked that nobody else was doing it. I learned some simple techniques which I can show you.

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