Current Projects

I am currently working on a few different projects, ones I am very proud and excited about. The flow of good projects has been constant, so I can't complain. So, besides that big project, the one that defines the entire life of an artist, I am having great fun taking my current pieces and transforming them into something new. I am forever trying to find ways to incorporate the viewer in a way that engages them into the piece and have to interact with it. That is a strong goal of mine. I love the idea of people touching and interacting with my art. Being able to use art and still enjoy it is a great goal for me. I am transforming my ideas into designs which I hope are more accessible and will be a part of peoples lives and inside homes.

Artist Background

With more than 25 years of experience in the design industry, I’ve helped create logos and brand strategies for more than 50 companies. I’ve had the opportunity to work on very interesting and diverse projects in my career. I’ve helped all types of different businesses, including: Smoothie Bars & Yogurt Shops, The Rose Bowl Championships, Dental Practices, The University of Texas Sport teams, T-shirts & Retail Marketing Promotions on a National Level to name a few.

My artistic passion started when I moved to Yokohama, Japan, I was 2. The cool sneakers, the Japanese comic books of ninjas and sumo wrestlers, and of course the amazing choices of animated characters. I took it all in! Three years after I left Japan, I moved to Rome, Italy. I spent most of my life there and truly made Rome who I am; The history, the passion and how to truly live and love your life.

I spent 4 years in NYC studying at the School of Visual Arts, and learned many vital lessons about being a professional artist. I learned how to harness your creativity, to develop concepts that are beyond visual and how to be a master of your craft. I quickly worked as a freelance designer and became successful designing cutting edge graphic illustrations, creating cool cheese labels and menu covers. After some great years, I wound up in the printing & silk screening industry and spent 20 years honing my craft. I continue to work as a freelance artist working on illustration and logo projects but also feel the need to express myself more, through more personal work.

Travel inspires me! When I visit new places, I quickly get immersed into the culture and the nuances that make it unique. I feel alive and responsive when I am on the road, with a purpose. I love using the history and the cultural traditions within my concepts, but I mostly enjoy sharing my personal experiences within my designs in hopes to transport people to experience new and exciting adventures all over the world.

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