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After moving back to the Bay Area, I wanted to start my own business! I felt like I needed to include the things I'm passionate about; hiking, dogs and art. The idea made sense, I was currently unhappy where I was and what I was doing and I needed a change. I already knew how to develop a brand, and how to create a necessary marketing plan to begin the phases of a new business. I realized that I could start doing it for myself and so, I went for it and glad I did. I did it all, conception, policies, design, marketing, advertisement, etc. and I'm very proud of that! It's been 5 years now and all great!

Now I take photos everyday as part of my job and in the end, I did it... sort of. I still play with my photos on my phone and now with all the sophisticated software and gadgets nowadays, I have fun playing and exploring with my digital images. I’m having a lot of fun playing with all the dog photos and using my years of knowledge to create some new and exciting pieces. What I’m doing now is only the beginning so I am excited about what is to come. The following portfolio is a bit long but if you love dogs, worth it. If not, you'll get a great sense if you look at the first 20 images. Of course I left some of my favorites, at the end.


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