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Hey, here's a page dedicated to myself so now I can finally share with you a little about the services I offer. I work in various areas of expertise from dog walking, photography to custom skateboard art, I also create fine art photo illustrations. I would say first that my background is design since that is what I did for most of my career but unfortunately it didn't completely work that way. I get the pleasure of doing a little of a lot!

I love being outdoors and I developed a business tailored to some of my favorite things, in this case it was dogs, hiking and photography. I was like, wait, I know how to do that! The best part, every day is filled with doing the things I love. Now, I spend my days with the dogs and we go on our daily hikes. I have ran the dog business for over five years with no plans on stopping. The dog walking business was never the answer for me, iI was a way for me to make money while I pursued my art and I suppose I was lucky, I have been able to do my art for a living. Eventually the dog walking part of my life took over, it became everything and I included my creative outlets within it.

My passion for the silkscreen process took me towards making T-shirts and soon I will add that service into this website soon. I almost have everything ready including the designs. It will be good. Skateboard design was the same way for me, and I still do artwork for various skateboard projects here and there and always excited when I'm asked to help. Because of my freelance background, I have many diverse talents and interests. My freelance opportunities allowed me to grow as an artist in various areas within the industry I never could have imagined if I had stayed only in the corporate world. I am always ready and excited for any new challenge!


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